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A Poem for My Mother

Rachel Jacob, mother of Rev. Dr. Godson Jacob


MOM, the first person I saw as I came to the world,

Who taught me to walk when I was scared.

Channeling her energy to nourish my body and soul,

So that I can be made strong and whole.

She held me when I stumbled,

Made sure that I was not troubled.

She cried when I cried,

She laughed when I laughed,

She walked into my fear,

And turned into beam of light.

She is my Mom, the candle of my life, aha!!


ONLY person who gave up her dream,

So that I can fly to my dream.

As I grew older and independent,

Her concerns for my safety grew abundant.

I sometimes felt ashamed in front of my friends,

And feared her wrinkled face would make my friendship ends.

I desired to look like and act like grown man,

But should not have been at the cost of my only fan.

Still my mom swallowed that bitterness,

And embraced me with tenderness.

She is my Mom, the pride of my life, aha!!


One who hide her TEARS to keep me smiling,

Sometimes beguiling and sometimes trailing but she keeps on trying.

To make sure I have the best things in life,

While carrying all her duties as a wife.

No vacation, no break, no salary,

Yet she is always asked to prove her priority.

She danced at the rhythm of the cultural demands,

Not realizing that she was being imprisoned at Patriarchal hands.

At the expense of her own fantasies,

She made sure others around her live happily.

She is my Mom, the strength of my life, aha!!


My HERO, who led me by example,

When I was mistaken, she chided me ample.

when she realized I was sorry,

After a while, showered me with love and cherry.

Everyone says, mothers are best in the world,

But they are left alone when they are shaky and old.

Sometimes, I feel to quit everything,

And go back to her and embrace her being.

But realized that she sacrificed her dreams,

So that I can live mine and that gives her meaning.

She is my Mom, the best friend of my life, aha!!


The one who ENDURED weariness,

Fill others’ life with gladness.

She taught us God is love and refuge,

For me, she embodies that message.

So, is it wrong to say that God is my mother,

And I shall not lack anything, and be there for one another.

You gave me life by enduring unbearable pain,

Without giving another thought that might take away freedom and gain.

You taught me the meaning of life amidst sin,

You accompanied me through thick and thin.

She is my Mom, the teacher of my life, aha!!


Always READY to help when you need,

Without asking any question, she paid heed.

Her love is unconditional and unwavering,

That guides me when the darkness starts hovering.

Your nourishing smile lights my day,

You are my sunshine that clears my way.

You are special and second to none mother,

In the next life, I would ask for no other.

No words are enough to thank you for your love,

But I am assured that you the gift of God from above.

She is my Mom, the gift of my life, aha!!

~Rev. Dr. Godson Jacob

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