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The Lord is My Light and Salvation

It seems that as we look at current events in the last few months we are not at a loss to make a list of concerns that have us all wondering about the future. The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed our lives by isolating us from one another, closing our places of business and placing families in financial straits, as well as keeping our children away from school. In addition to the concerns about the pandemic, our society has been confronted with issues of police brutality, racial profiling, destruction of public statues, the upcoming election in November, immigration issues, foreign policy and the protection of children.

These many issues are sure to cause anxiety and fear, and present challenges to our faith in God. In times such as these, many people of faith turn to their religious traditions for strength and guidance. For Christians the Bible serves as a rich source of inspiration for those who find it difficult to pray during these stressful times. It is full of stories about people who found themselves in difficult times and found hope and encouragement in their faith. The Psalms, in particular have been a source of prayer and meditation for Jews and Christians alike since the days of King David. The following psalm is particularly apropos for prayer during these uncertain days. It reminds us to remember as long as we have faith in the Lord we can look adversity in the eye without fear for God will be our strength and our guide. “The Lord is our light and our salvation” and it every Christian’s hope “to one day dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.”

— Fr. Thomas Lamping

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